Warm-up sessions before a workout

Why the warm-up is important

It is very important that the warm-up was well done, properly intense and concerned all parts of the body. In this way, you can prepare yourself for any type of training - hot muscles are less prone to injuries that may occur during exercising, if we are not prepared for them, or if we use the wrong technique.

Warm up and stretching

Many people do not warm up before or do not stretch after exercising and therefore they suffer from injuries. A serious injury can take a long time to heal, which makes it impossible to exercise. Severe pain and a long pause can effectively discourage further training, especially in case of beginners who are not aware of how important a proper warm-up and preparing the body for the workout is important.

That's why we say - always warm up before a workout!

The warm-ups prepared by us assure the general development of the body and can be actually performed before each workout. Furthermore, it takes only about 15 minutes, so it does not take so much time and allows for smooth passing into a workout.

Stretch after the workout. Stretching is just as important and integral part of the workout - stretching after the exercises will help you to avoid soreness and relax as well as stretch muscles, so you'll be more relaxed every day. For details, please refer to the stretching training!